Gulf War Dresses

These are the dresses that I am taking to GW this year. These first ones were made by Duchess Larissa.

Green with purple trim and pearled. Poly/Cotton Black with lavendar and purple/gold trim with peacocks. Cotton. Purple and gold with gold trim and beading. Velvet.

I am working on this pink one.

Pink and gold with gold on white trim. Cotton.

I had to redo the sleeves and bodice so it is just pinned together. It needs to be pressed but I am not going to do that until I am completely done. The bodice will be attached to the skirt. The skirt for ease has a waist band that will come off later. This was hard to do cause I wanted to match the pattern exactly all over. I need to redo the underskirt. It is a cream linen that is very light weight with a very subtle pattern of lines in it. I love how it feels!

I have two more in the works not pictured here yet.
One is a black and green cotehardy with gold trim, the other is a pink and gold cotehardy with very subtle blue trim.
These are fabrics that were given to me. A couple of you were asking about it so here it is. Click on it to see the fabric more closely. The brown in the back is not mine. It is the left overs of a dress I made for a young girl. It is just sitting there.  

all pictures copyright 2005 Franchesca V. Havas.