Costume History

Gloves, An Intimate History, by Anne Green, Emeritus Professor of French at King's College London    

Dress & Undress, by Elizabeth Ewing

Fashion in Underwear by Elizabeth Ewing

In Style: 100 Years of Canadian Women's Fashion by Caroline Routh
Extensive collection of clear pencil drawing with brief descriptions.

English Women's Clothing by C. Willett Cunnington
Discusses and illustrates everything hosiery to hairstyles in the 19th Century. Thick paperback.

What People Wore by Douglas Gorsline
Pen and ink sketches of all aspects of fashion through time, includes armour, shoes, hairstyle etc.

Corsets & Crinolines by Norah Waugh
1670-1925 - Clear line drawings and some photos accompanied by text from the times.

Racinet's Full Colour Pictorial by Auguste Racinet
A better ref. for designers than for cutters. Detailed colour drawings from 14th - 19th century and covering several countries.

The History of Underclothes by C. Willett Cunnington, Phillis Cunnington, Phyllis Cunnington
1400-1900 - A lot of text and several illustrations and photos, well organized.

Freaks of Fashion: The Corset & The Crinoline by William Berry Lord

Tudor Costume & Fashion by Herbert Norris

Medieval Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris


Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd
, By Janet Arnold

Metropolitan Fashion of the 1880's by Carol Belanger Grafton (Editor)
Butterick Publishing Co Reproduction of the 1885 Butterick Pattern catalogue with clear detailed drawings

Costume & Fashion
Photos of oil paintings and sculptures depicting fashions of the time, very informative.

Victorian & Edwardian Fashions for Women by Kristina Harris
Photos of actual period clothing modeled by contemporary women.

Underwear: Costume in Context by Rudolf Steiner, Jennifer Ruby
Not in depth, simple line drawings, more appropriate for children. A beginners book.

Victorian Fashion 1880-1890 by Hazel Ulseth
Short time period allows a great deal of detail to be covered.

Costume 1066-1990 by John Peacock
Simple yet detailed sketches with labels. Good for quick period references.

Fur In Dress by Elizabeth Ewing

History of Children's Costume by Elizabeth Ewing

Everyday Dress 1650-1900 by Elizabeth Ewing

Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th,14th & 15th Centuries by Mary G. Houston

Sewing/Sewing Machines   More sewing/Lace/Embroidery/Cutwork

Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry : Proven Methods to Help You Sew Like the Pros (Rodale Sewing Book) bySusan Huxley (Editor)

Banners and Flags : How to Sew a Celebration by Margot Carter. Blair

Basic Sewing (101 Essential Tips)
by Chris Jefferys (Editor), Inc Dk Publishing, Deni Bown

The Complete Book of Sewing by Deni Bown

50 Ways to Master Your Sewing Machine : An Operator's Guide to Sewing Techniques : With 30 Color Original Inspirational Designs
by Linda Denner, Leonard Denner (Photographer)

After a Fashion; How to Reproduce, Restore and Wear Vintage Styles
by Frances Grimble, Deborah Kuhn (Illustrator)

Beading by Machine by Yvonne Perez-Collins, Mary Ellen Szper (Illustrator)


The Edwardian Modiste : 85 Authentic Patterns With Instructions, Fashion Plates, and Period Sewing Techniques by Frances Grimble (Editor)

The Little Bodice Construction Book : A Workbook on Period Bodices (Ambrose, Bonnie Holt, Little Costume Workbooks.) byBonnie A. Ambrose

The Little Corset Book : A Workbook on Period Underwear by Bonnie Holt Ambrose, Bonnie A. Ambrose

Make Your Own Patterns
by Rene Bergh

Beginners Guide to Using Sewing Patterns by Kathleen Blaxland

Antique Lace Patterns by Frances Bradbury

Italian Lace Designs by Elisa Ricci

Pictorial Archive of Lace Designs: 325 Historic Examples (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Carol Belanger Grafton

Lace Through the Centuries 1600-1920 by Bryding Adams Henley

Bobbin Lace: An Illustrated Guide by Brigita Fuhrmann

Cut Work Embroidery by Oenone Cave, Karl Erich Grosinger, Oenoen Cave, Karl Erich Grozinger

Tailoring/Pattern Drafting/Costume Cutting   Miscelaneous/Related History

Edwardian Ladies Tailoring by J.C. Hopkins, R.L. Shep (Editor)

Blue Book of Men's Tailoring by Frederick Timothy, Croonborg

Basic Pattern Drafting for Costume Design by William Harlan Shaw

Patterns of Fashion: 1560 - 1620 by Janet Arnold
1 of 3

Patterns of Fashion: 1660 -1860 by Janet Arnold
2 of 3

Patterns of Fashion 2: 1860 -1940 by Janet Arnold
3 of 3


Authentic Everyday Dress of the Renaissance
: All 154 Plates from the 'Trachtenbuch' by Christoph Weiditz, Christopher Weiditz

Methods and Practice of Elizabethan Sword Play by Craig Turner, Tony Soper, Joseph Papp (Designer)

Daily Life in Elizabethan England by Jeffrey L. Singman, Will McClean

Birth of the Elizabethan Age. by Norman Jones, John Morrill (Editor)

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