Bibliography and Links to Glove Books for sale, most are out of print.

Most of these are out of print, so if you cannot find a copy, go to your library and either check it out or ask for a general library search and inter library loan of it.

Abbott, Mary Frederick Muller, (Foyle's handbooks series) 1953, 91p. The craft of glovemaking is one that requires very little initial expenditure in the way of tools and equipment. It can successfully be worked at home by the average person and is a common sense occupation. Dryad Series

IL: Chas. A. Bennett, nd. Hd, Gd, ex-lib, Decorative Arts Re-Caning Baskets Stenciling Glove Making Stool Seating Embroidery Rug Weaving Doll Making Rush Baskets
Argentier, Pierre Dela Bruyere

ARGENTIER DU ROI : Compte de l'Argenterie du Roy annee 1610: Rendus, par Me. Sacre du Roi Louis Treize. A Pierre Robin Marchand de Drap - et Jean Royer Marchand drapier la somme de 17316 - 17 - 69...pour les fournitures qu'ils ont faits pour ; Paris C. 1715 [Paris, c. 1715].

Folio, manuscript in ink, 25pp. plus one blank leaf, list of items, fabric and trimmings, for Louis XIII and his Peers at his Coronation, this then broken down under various headings according to the merchant or craftsman involved and priced, some slight fraying to some extreme outer margins, but not affecting written matter. Fair copy made, from the watermark, in Paris in around 1715. This would suggest that it may have been copied from the original 1610 accounts of the Keeper of the Royal Purse to be used as a guide for preparations for the Coronation of Louis XV (his grandfather Louis XIV died in the summer of 1715). The first list gives quantities and qualities of fabrics, colours given, crimson, white, cloth of silver etc. with details of what garment it it for and for whom. The cost of the fabrics total 17316-7-69. There is then a list made out to Jean Baron, Haberdasher for gold and silver braid and buttons etc, with details of the use to which they are to be put, this totaling 2215-15. The various lists continue for embroidery, specifying what in detail, ermine for trimmings, metals and jewels for crowns and diadems, lingerie, other headwear, aigrettes for decorations, robes, dalmatiques, most giving the name of the supplier. Bills for the tailor, carpet maker, gloves decorated with lace, wardrobes to carry the Kings robes safely to Rheims where the King was crowned and all other expenses for the Coronation, decorations for the procession, cathedral etc. Such detailed documents which demonstrate not only the sumptuousness of the garments, but the work involved but also the logistics of such an important state occasion and with costs must be scarce even in a relatively early copy. Keywords: FASHION/COSTUME French FASHION FRENCH MANUSCRIPTS

Katherine Morris Lester and Bess Viola Oerke
Drawings by Helen Westermann. 1954, an illustrated history of those frills and furbelows of fashion which have come to be known as accessories of dress, a history of accessories from ancient to modern times. An excellent reference work of an encyclopedic character, divided into categories of accessories for different parts of the body, 58 plates, 642 figures, bennett, FASHION (UR#:24690 )
Katherine Morris Lester and Bess Viola Oerke
A Resume of Style and Fashion from Remote Times to the Nineteen-Seventies by Katherine Morris Lester Catalog Number: 0026643502
Barton, Lucy
Walter H. Baker Publishing, 1963. Primarily designed for use by costume designers, this wonderful book is perfect for SCA use. Each time period is discussed in detail, with separate sections on male and female attire, attire based on class or profession, and sections on jewelry, headgear, footwear and even hair styles. 609pp
Lewis, Ethel
MacMillan: 1937 (third printing 1953). Numerous B&W illustrations. Chapter headings include: The Art of Weaving in Early Egypt, Fabrics of Greece, Roman Textiles, Story of Silk, Oriental Textiles, Cotton in India, Fabrics and Patterns of Persia, Coptic and Peruvian Textiles, Byzantine Patterns and Textiles, The Influence of Mohammed, The Textile Arts of Spain, Saracenic Art in Sicily, The Great Weaving Centers of Italy, The French Renaissance. 377pp.
Bath City Council
Bath City Council, 1987. Guide to the exhibit of Gloves at the Museum of Costume in Bath, England from 12 Sept. 1987 to 13 March 1988. Gives a description of each glove in the exhibition. One example- "7. One pair of white kid gloves. Deep gauntlet and angled side opening. Canvas work embroidery in coloured silks, metal thread and spangles worked in tent stitch and detached buttonhole stitch to give a three dimensional effect. Floral motifs are interspersed with strawberries. Trimmed with gold and silver lace and spangles. Finger and seams outlined in metal braid. c.1600-25." Twelve gloves are pictured (five in color). 5 pages.
Time Life
Author: Time Life Editors, Binding: Library Binding, Publishing Date: 00/1974, Publisher: Silver Burdett Press, Place of Publication: Parsippany, Series Title: The Art of Sewing Series, LCCN: 74016950, ISBN: 0809417235, The pages you will want to look at specifically is The glove chapter. It falls on pages 70-83. It contains patterns, special instructions on preparing the leather for gloves and sewing instructions for a couple of different glove styles.
Beck, S. William:
Catalog Number: 0810338254 and London: Hamilton, Adams, 1883. 5 x 7.5, 263 pp., many engraved illus. Buckram. 9158 Hamilton, Adams & Co. 1883 Sole edition xvii + 263pp., 7.5 x 5 An interesting and academic study. The in-text b/w illustrations are mainly taken from Planché's Cyclopaedia of Costume.
Johnson, L
1949 (leather working how-to with instructions for making both lined and unlined leather gloves. Similar patterns to the ones in Cummings)
BLANC, Charles :
1877 Translated from the French ix + 274pp., 8.5 x 5.5. Sections on every aspect of personal adornment, choice of fabrics, hats, hairdressing, accessories including shoes, gloves, parasols, lace, jewelry, etc. 2 full page hand colored fashion plates and more than 80 in-text engravings.
Peltz, Leslie Klein:
Glencoe Pub. Co., 1986, 3rded., paperback,/-, 164pp., clothing, leather, shoes, handbags, hats, gloves,etc.
Boehn, Max von:
Spitzen, Faecher, Handschuhe, Stoecke, Schirme, Schmuck. ; Munich: F. Bruckmann (1928). Sm. 8vo, cloth. [5]+277 pp. 293 illus. + 16 color plates. On fashion accessories (lace, gloves, etc. and, especially, jewelry).
Powell, Vee:
Garden City: Garden City Publishing Co., 1946, Instructions for hats, gloves, muffs, shoulder pads. Illustrated by the author, 143pp.
Collins, C. Cody
New York, Fairchild Publishing, 1949. Collins, C. Cody. COLLINS, C Cody : The Love of a Glove The Romance, Legends and History of Gloves ; N Y 1947 xii + 132pp., 9 x 6 Gloves historical and regal, gloves fashionable and gloves for work with an appendix on glove making. Illustrated in b/w. Useful bibliography Keywords: COSTUME AND FASHION Accessories gloves history
Planche', James Robinson
1876 Late 19th century half red morocco over marbled paper boards, spines richly gilt, t.e.g., marbled end papers, 2 Vols. London 1876-79. 24 chromolithographs plates (complete).; other illus include. Text drawings, 11.5 x 8.5", half leather, 527; 16+plates; 448 w/index.
Reeves, Nicholas
They found 27 gloves, has a photos of one of them. They look straight out of the 19th Century AD complete with cuffs. One pair had seen heavy wear and had been used a driving gloves.
R.S. Lopez & I.W. Raymond
New York, 1955. pp 56-60. (reference in "Early Medieval Kingship" by Sawyer and Wood, University of Leeds, 1977) Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World (Records of Western Civilization Series) by Robert S. Lopez, Irving W. Raymond, Irving S. Raymond Paperback, 458 pages Published by Columbia Univ Pr Publication date: October 1990 ISBN: 0231096267
Crampton Albert H.:
London & New York. Frederick Warne & Co Ltd.1930 Warnes "Useful" Books, Arts & Crafts Series First Edition, 63 pages, softback with 21 illustrations.
Redfern, W.B.:
Illustrated and Described. ; "London: Methuen, 1904. 4to. 109 pp., 78 plates. Dec. cloth, rebacked.5284
Cummings, Valerie
London, Batsford. 1982. (Starts at 1600. Cover Elizabethan gloves, and has reproduction of mid-17th-century patterns for gloves)
RESTE, Fanche LE :
(The Glove); Paris, 1984. Tall slim 8", limp pictorial colored glossy wraps, 141pp. of text & numerous ills. & plates depicting all kinds of gloves from European origin, from all times, incl. notes on the history & the development of the glove, the sexual meaning, social impact, & c. Fine copy. "Archives pour l'histoire de la Mode" series.
Cunnington, Willett and Phillis
There is a glove section with manuscript portrayals of common people wearing them
S.G.D.G.- Fabrique de Gants
S.L., nd. (c. 1930.) Small 8" title printed on upper wraps., (8)pp. of Ms. in ink in a very neat hand. Describes how to knit a pair of gloves. Curious. Offered for sale by Antiquarianbooksellers GEMILANG at NLG
de Giafferri, Paul Louis:
Paris: Editions Nillson, 1922. Folio brds, Fair. Ex-lib with usual stamps. No card pocket, Binding is cloth-taped and all edges worn. Page edges tattered. Contents, however, are in very good shape. Illustrated color, pochoir plates, including gold. Contents divided into 10 booklets, each examining a particular time frame and including detailed pochoir drawings of all manner of wardrobes and accessories (hats, gloves, footwear, fans, belts, jewelry, collars, etc.). Text in French, Decorative Arts costume fashion clothing European costume Dark Ages Renaissance Second Empire wardrobe Louis XIV
New York, Pitman. 1946. Smith, F.R.
Edge and Paddock
The Beauchamp Chronicles and the Master of the WA's illustration of a double line of Burgundians - both on page 132 of A&A of the Med Knight.
Smith, Wllard
Egan, Geoff
STAITE, Frances A.:
WITH DIAGRAMS FOR ALL STYLES AND STITCHINGS. ; Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons., London 1927. 85 pages. With diagrams and photos. Chapters on fur backed gloves, mitts and fancy gloves + a short history of glove making.
ISBN 0-684-14105-1 Published in 1974.
You can get it through inter library loan. She shows how to measure, make the pattern, and stitch them up. She also has pictures of some Elizabethan gloves, and a short history of gloves. Catalog Number: 0684141051, 0713517735
Leonid Tarassuk and Claude Blair
Under "Gauntlets"
Plate gauntlets replaced chain mail gauntlets worn over leather gloves. "In fact the oldest type of plate gauntlet on record, dating to the early 14th century, replaced the mail glove and was similar to the wide-cuffed leather gauntlet worn today by motorcyclists. It, too, was made of leather but covered with small riveted lames." The book goes on to discuss early 15th century articulated finger gauntlets, then the fact that mitten gauntlets became popular from early 15th to the first half of the 16th. They were always worn with a leather glove." An important variation to emerge during the third quarter of the 15th century was the gauntlet with a particularly long pointed cuff
EDWARDS, Isabel M.:
New York and Chicago: Pitman Publishing Corporation, [1946, 1929]. 12mo, cloth, dj, 90 pp., photographic illustrations. Archaic Skills, Gloves, Glove making, Clothing, Glove manufacturing

Threads magazine Iissue #19, oct./nov. Handmaking Leather Gloves. 1988,
and Aug 25, 2009.

Available from The Taunton Press, 63 So. Main Street, Box 355, Newtown CT. 06470-9989.
Ellis, B Eldred
Costume Patterns and Designs, Max Tilke, Rizzoli, '90 reprint, 316 pages, cloth, very good condition, over 1000 illustrations, most in color, from antiquity to modern times, this large format source book presents an abundance of costume patterns and designs of all periods and nations. Elaborate embroideries, delicate laces, silks from the East, and exotic tie-dyed Indian saris, as well as furs and capes, hats and gloves are featured demonstrating countless materials, styles and influences. All costumes are beautifully displayed, shown spread out so that the pattern and design may be seen in full., RIZZOLI INTERNATIONAL, FASHION PATTERNS DESIGN COSTUMES (UR#:10244 )
Ehlert, Lois.:
San Diego: Harcourt Brace, (1991).
Gloss card cover shape of working gloves, NF., pp. [40]. Shape, moveable and text pages based on crafts and hobbies using your hands. Family oriented, Illustrated by color by author., Pop-Up & Shape Juvenile
New York, 1969. Large 8" cloth, with pictorial colored dj., 406pp., frontisp., numerous text-ills. after drawings by author, bibliography. Incl. ladies' underwear, head-dress & hairstyles, boots & shoes, handbags, caps, gloves, through the ages of all nations (incl. ancient Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Byzantium, ). Mint copy. Scarce. NLG
Flury-Lemberg, Mechthild a documentation of the textile department on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Abegg Foundation_; Bern: Abegg-Stiftung, 1988. It's filled with pictures and drawings showing original articles and the steps taken to preserve them - which often means taking them apart to clean (giving good pattern examples - some are even drafted to [metric] scale). Lots of discussion of materials used. Articles include tapestries, flags, embroidery, garments (including knit gloves of the 15th century, if memory serves, and shoes with cork soles) a full Landesknecht uniform - the color pictures are glorious - 16th century shirts, and all kinds of neat stuff. This is a fun book, especially if you are interested in clothing construction. (17) TEXTILES Process, Material, Conservation, Restoration, Glossaries Foreign Publication 1274
Von Boehn, Max
Published by Ayer Co Pub Publication date: June 1978 ISBN: 040508286X
Fuch, Hilde
Walton, Perry
Tudor Publishing, 1937.
While the bulk of the book is post period, this does have a good introduction to the history and production of flax, linen, cotton and silk. 274pp.
Peacock, John
a Nontextile work manual. Leather. Shoes. Gloves. Handbags. Luggage. Furs. J ; NY: Prentice-Hall, 1943.
a history of its use from 800 to 1800 for mural hangings, screens, upholstery, altar frontals, ecclesiastical vestments, footwear, gloves pouches and caskets by John William Waterer Catalog Number: 0571090435
Hill, Marjorie:
Glove Making; Macmillan, 1945.
B&W illustrations. No. 12 of the Craftsmen's Library, Handicrafts
Woolf, Natalie S.
Written by custom glovemaker and instructor of glovemaking. Fully illustrated volume covering every facet of glovemaking from the tanning of glove leathers, how to measure hands for gloves, how to cut gloves, marking stitches, instructions for sewing gloves, how to make knots, seams, rosettes, french knots, eyelets, laced designs, how to sew thumbs, finish glove cuffs, bind gloves, buttonholes, evening gloves, lined gloves, wash gloves, press gloves..full size patterns. 1951 McKnight & McKnight Pub. 8" x 10 ¼" softbound volume.
Hull, William Jun.:
With the Customs connected with the Glove; Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange London 1834 sml 12 mo, 144pp.
Wright, Steve
Johnson, L.:
C. Arthur Pearson (London), 1949. In the Home Handicraft series. 128 pp. Illustrations, index. Instructions for a number of items, including a wallet, handbag and gloves, plus how to do leather bookbinding. Small hardcover (5" x 7").
Villon, A.M.:
Translated from the French by F.T Addyman, ; 19010. (technology) Villon, A.M., PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE LEATHER INDUSTRY. Translated from the French by F.T.Addyman. London: Scott, Greenwood, 1901. 27cm, xv i, 505 pages + 22p publ. cat., illus., index, Technical treatise on all aspects of leather production: tannin & tanning leathers, furs & furriery, saddlery, glove making, machine belts, TECHNOLOGY TANNING LEATHER CHEMISTRY FURS GLOVES
Jones, Gwen Emlyn
by John William Waterer Frederick A. Praeger Inc., 1968. pp 70-72. Catalog Number: 0713510315
These are Chroniques de Froissart, page 182 of Med. War MEDIEVAL WARFARE. NY:Comprehensive illustrated history of how and why war was fought in Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire through and including the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation.Includes hundreds of illustrations and technical drawings showing the armor, equipment, and uniforms of archers, cavalry men and infantrymen, and 15 maps of Medieval Europe and the battles which changed it.History.Military.Crusades. Prentice-Hall, 1978, 256, 1st, Light gray illustrated dj w/red lettering at spine of dj. FULLY ILLUSTRATED. INDEX. (106572)
Doreen Yarwood. Bonanza Books, New York, 1986. pp 197-199. Catalog Number: 0517619431
Lederman, Charles:
New York: Alexander Press, 1945. Green cloth, gilt lettering.
Marjabelle Young and Ann Buchwald
Published by Robert B. Luce Publication date: December 1988 ISBN: 0883310546
Other books from a bibliography by Gail A. Lefkowitz. She is very interested in finding others who love gloves! Look for her web page soon!!

There are also extensive period gloves to be found in books on period embroidery and costume accessories.

Anderson, Ruth Matilda.
New York, 1979. Figures 210-214, 514-516. pp 30, 79, 83, 85-86, 115, 222-223, 247. New York: Hispanic Society, 1951. Small 4to. 334 pp., 392 illus.
Ellis, B. Eldred
Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd., London, 1921.
Janet Arnold
Maney, Leeds, 1988.

Encyclopaedia Britannica
The History of Gloves
. Handout R-1976. 7 pages.


Beck, S. William
Hamilton, Adams & Co., London, 1883. reissued Detroit, Singing Tree Press, 1969.
Foster, Vanda .
Costume, Number 14, 1980 , pp. 90-94(5). "A Garden of Flowers" A note on some unusual embroidered gloves.
Boehn, Max von
. Benjamin Blom Inc., 1929, reissued 1970. pp 68-93.
Garofalo, Cara .
"A Glove Museum Extends a Hand to the Past." Victoria magazine. October, 1994. pp 34-36.
Close, Eunice
Charles T. Branford Co., Boston, 1950. With diagrams and photographs illustrating the methods of making gloves in the home.
Hummel, Edith M. .
2nd ed. Fairchild Publications Inc., New York, 1950.
Museum of Costume,
"Gloves for Favors, Gifts, and Coronations, Elizabeth I - Elizabeth II." handout of exhibit, Bath, England, 1988.
Ciba Review #61
October, 1947: 061 GLOVES The Glove, a Badge of Office. Glove-making Centres. Glove Manufacture. Modish Changes in Glove Fashions; (52) CIBA REVIEWS 1937-1974 facsimile 950.
Cumming, Valerie .
Accessories of Dress series, Batsford Ltd., London, 1982.
Katherine Morris Lester.
Manual Arts Press. Peoria, IL. 1940. pp 354-367.
Cunnington, Phyllis .
Plays, Inc., Great Britain, 1970. pp 50, 143-5, 182-3.
R.S. Lopez & I.W. Raymond.
New York, 1955. pp 56-60. (reference in "Early Medieval Kingship" by Sawyer and Wood, University of Leeds, 1977)
Digby, George Wingfield .
Elizabeth Goldring.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and the World of Elizabethan Art: Painting and Patronage at the Court of Elizabeth I (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art)
Arturo Galansino (Author), Simone Facchinetti (Author)
Giovan Battista Moroni
Edited by Kit Pyman. Search Press, 1988. As new hardback with dustjacket. Chapters on history of metal thread work, techniques of metal thread embroidery and more. 112pp.
London: HMSO, 1981. Wonderful selection of historic embroidery from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Illustrated in B&W with dated references and notes on the materials and crafting of each piece. Excellent source documentation. Paperback. 94pp.
Batsford, 1989. Separate sections on the medieval period, the 16th and the 17th centuries. Each with B&W photos as well as line renderings. 208pp.
First chapter includes several photos of period pieces, diagrams, and discussion of stitches used in period. 191pp.
Grosset and Dunlap, 1975. Massive Hardback with tons of stitch diagrams along with historic notes and a number of dated photos of period designs. 509pp.
A travelling exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum ; HMSO London 1973 ISBN 901486-60-4+, wider 4vo, 60 pg booklet. 24 blk/wht plates from the collection. Bright, clean and tight. Paperback. Lists all 124 articles in the collection with a brief description of each. 24 articles are shown. Unusual pieces include gloves and 2 falcon hoods. Textile Reference Clothes Embroidery Needlework 1817
Rizzoli: 1990. Hardback with dustjacket. Lots of (mostly color) illustrations and line drawings. Guide to the history and identification of embroidered testiles from around the world. 192pp.

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