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This is a modern day pattern. You can go to several reproduction pattern companies and get patterns from them for gloves today that are similar to these but basically they are all the same pattern. there is no difference in the modern pattern today.


If you do not have a glover's sewing machine then I highly suggest that you make them by hand. You can also use any of the following either as the closing or decorative stitch:

How to measure you hand? Take a look at this page for an idea.

This is the fourth of four patterns that I will be posting here. I will also post which books I actually find and where they can be purchased. I will also list new books as I and you find them. Let me know and I will list them and please send a comment about them.

This file is in the CLOTHING: gloves-msg (18K) 1/ 3/96 Gloves. making gloves was the second but is no longer available. If anyone wants to look at the files I do have them and will gladly send them to you. :)
Rukavicarske muzeum (Museum of Glove-Making)
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263 01 Dobris

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